The comedian who aired the indecent images on television was spared jail time.

A comedian who has been on the show eight Out of ten Cats Does Countdown was given a jail sentence when it was discovered that he had more than 35,000 inappropriate images of toddlers and teens on his personal computer. This revelation led to the comic being sentenced to a period of incarceration.

Christopher Binns, who also goes by the name Tom, is the one who conceived the concept for the character of the hospital radio DJ known as Ivan Brackenbury. Christopher Binns also goes by the name Tom.

Binns entered a guilty plea to eight counts of creating pornographic photos of minors, as well as one count of having such photographs.

The court handed him a sentence of ten months in prison, but he won’t have to serve any of it for the next fifteen months due to a good behavior bond.

The proceeding that took place on Thursday at the Derby Crown Court resulted in the judge issuing the 53-year-old defendant a sexual harm prevention order and compelling him to register with the sex offenders registry for a period of ten years in each incident.

Ivan Brackenbury and Ian D. Montfort, a clairvoyant, are the two main characters who are mostly responsible for the considerable popularity that Binns has gained.

Throughout the whole of the 2017 drama series Hospital People, which aired on One, Brackenbury portrayed the show’s principal protagonist. This role spanned all six episodes of the series. In 2013, Ian D. Montfort made his debut as a series regular on, which aired his performances over the course of the year.

Despite the fact that the court termed the infringement as “simply revolting,” they came to the decision that Binns did not present a threat to the general public.

The prosecutor, Lauren Fisher, said that none of the images had been downloaded before March 26 or after November 21 of the year that followed.

She went on to detail what transpired as follows: “Between the 14th and 15th of October 2020, the National Crime Agency got information that the user of [the defendant’s email] had posted a significant number of indecent photos of minors classed as category C.”

Binns was taken into custody after the execution of the arrest warrant that had been obtained for him at his residence in Calow, Chesterfield. The warrant had been issued for Binns’ arrest. The law enforcement officials seized custody of a total of 39 electronic devices, one of which was a MacBook Air, in addition to a MacBook Pro and an iPad.

During the course of the investigation, it is stated that Ms. Fisher gave the following statement: “During the inquiry, it was revealed that a third party of Mr. Binns’s partner had been ordered to sell many gadgets on behalf of Mr. Binns.”

The sentence will state that checks were also performed on various devices. “Checks were also performed on particular devices.”

According to Ms. Fisher, there were a total of 34,946 indecent photographs that were classified as falling into Category C, 104 indecent photos were classified as falling into Category A, which is the most severe category, and 411 indecent images were classified as falling into category B.

She said that there were “many” moving images that fell into categories B and C in addition to the three shots that were determined to be in breach of the rule. These three shots were deemed to be in violation of the regulation.

The court was aware of the possibility that some of the photos were identical copies of one another, and they did take this into account when making their decision.

In an earlier statement, Binns stated the following to the comic news website Chortle: “Violations of well-being, innocence, and privacy.” He proceeded by claiming, “More than two years ago, while under the influence of an overdose of prescription medicines for ADHD, which created obsessive-compulsive disorder, I downloaded and erased a very large quantity of adult pornography within a very short period of time.”

It would seem that some of the downloads include child pornography, which is something that I had neither searched for nor requested before to this point in time.

“I do not find anything about children to be sexually appealing in any way.” After subjecting myself to a polygraph test, the results showed that I do not have any sexual interest in children or teens in any way, shape, or form.

“I am very upset by the suffering that this situation has inflicted upon my family, and I accept full responsibility for it,” the speaker added. “I am genuinely devastated at the anguish that this scenario has placed upon my family.” “This has shattered my heart beyond repair.”

In the courtroom, Matthew Hayes, who was testifying on behalf of Binns as a mitigation witness, said that his client had not committed any other crimes since the incident in question, and he made reference to the effects of the prescription medicine that Binns was taking at the time of the incident. Hayes was arguing that Binns should receive a lighter sentence due to the fact that his client had not committed any other crimes since the event that was in issue.

The judge, Shaun Smith KC, referred to Binns’s violation as “absolutely horrible,” but in the end, he reached the decision that he did not put the general public in danger and that he was not likely to commit another crime in the near or far future.

He addressed her by stating, “You are outraged by what it was that you were downloading and looking at, and quite honestly, you do not need me to tell you that you should be appalled because this sort of illegal action has true victims.” He had complete and utter accuracy in this assessment; the material that she had been downloading and looking at had caused her to feel queasy.

“It is plausible to assume that you would not be here in front of the court right now if it weren’t for Covid or the medicine you were taking at the time,” the attorney said to the defendant. Both of these components were present in your body at the time that was important. Having said that, the fact of the matter is that you are the one in charge here.

“Since these infractions, you have altered your behavior, and at this moment, you are once again leading a lifestyle that is law-abiding,” the judge said. “This is an improvement.”

Holly Triggs, the operations manager of the National Crime Agency, released the following statement after the sentence: “Tom Binns purposefully gathered a considerable volume of obscene photos of youngsters.”

The author states that “behind each one is a kid who has had their safety, innocence, or privacy invaded in some fashion,” and then goes on to say that “behind each one is a child who has had their privacy violated.”

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